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Diving Mask,Hiearcool Diving Goggles Snorkel Set for Adults and Youth,Panoramic View Anti-Fog Lens Anti-Leak Dry Top Snorkel Gear Goggle for Swimming Snorkeling Mask and Scuba Diving Mask

            • $28.99
              • Effective Seal & Comfort Diving Mask: Integrated strap pulling directly from the skirt and a curl web holding, the diving mask against your face provides a gentle but effective seal.

              • Professional Diving Mask Set: Low volume offers divers a panoramic vision and clear visibility. The diving mask is designed with a black skirt to help to eliminate reflective light when underwater.

              • Hiearcool Diving Mask: Dual safety-tempered CE-approved anti-fog glass lens, low volume design, and one-handed release adjustable strap.

              • Liquid Silicone Materials: The diving mask is comfortable for the diver to pinch nose to equalize and improve water expulsion during mask clearance and prevent water from pooling.

              • Diving Mask with Snorkel: foldable semi-dry snorkel is streamlining to prevent drag while underwater, splash guard at the top to avoid inhaling water when diving.

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            Hiearcool Panoramic Ultra-Clear Diving Mask

            1.Clearer, crisper vision. You will see more clearly underwater and objects in the 

               distance will become more defined and acute.

            2.Increased contrast and clarity.

            3.Reduces eyestrain, glare, and prevents ghost images on the viewing area of the lens.

            4.An absolute must for night diving, limited visibility conditions, and underwater 



               Window style: Panoramic

               Skirt material: Liquid silicone

               Volume: Low

               Color: Black


             1645694616261202.jpg  1645694626859043.jpg  1645694633117115.jpg

            Detachable Design

            Flexible design gives you more creativity

            to assemble the gear into the way you 


            Quick Rekease

            Easily and quickly remove your snorkel 

            from your mask and reattach again in 


            Diving Mask Package

            Pack your bag with Hiearcool Processional 

            diving gear, get ready for the sea world.


            Prepare the Diving Mask:

            Apply scrubber(toothpaste)both the inside and outside lenses .> Scrub the lens..> Rinse.> Use Defog

            Put on the Diving Mask:

            a.Make sure no hair on your face.

            b.Use your hands to hold up the straps and put the mask on.

            c.Secure the mask and adjust the straps until you feel comfortable.

            Prepare the Snorkel:

            a.Put the mouthpiece of the snorkel tube in the mouth.(Keep the position of the smoke tube as it will be during use in the water.)

            b.Adjust the clip of the snorkel tube to meet the strap of the diving mask.

            c.Take off the mask and the snorkel tube, and untie the strap of the mask

            d.Thread in the snorkel clip in the mask strap and tie it back to the mask.

            e.Put the assembly on and adjust the position of mask strap and snorkel clip to fit in your face completely sealed and comfortable.

            Store the Diving Package:

            a.Store in a cool.dry and safe place out of direct sunlight.

            b.Store separated from other dive gear as the black pigmentation of other equipment may discolor the clear silicone skirt of your mask.

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